The world convulses in an age of cataclysm lasting a decade.


Take a fresh sheet of tracing paper and tape it on top of the current strata. Don’t forget to check the “end of civilization” rules for the civilization you just completed. Re-draw the surface line. Transfer all beads from the old strata onto the new, then roll on the Great Disaster table.

Great DisasterEdit

Roll Great Disaster
1-3 Earthquake: The Earth shakes and fragments. In pencil, draw a ragged line representing a natural cave running from a random point on the left of the page to a random point on the right. Cross it in two places with shorter tunnels 1 finger long. Do the same running from the top of the page to the bottom.
4 Volcanic Eruption: At a random point in the bottom inch of the page, draw a lava chamber about 2 thumbprints in diameter. Draw a volcanic shaft rising from this chamber to the surface. At the surface, draw a volcanic cone at the eruption point.
5 The Great River: Follow the underground river instructions in the Primordial Age rules. If there is already an underground river on this map, treat this result as the earthquake, above.
6 The Plague: In every natural cave that is not connected by tunnels to at least one side of the page, write “plague 1”. If no such caves exist, draw three new caves in the center of the largest empty portion of the world and write “plague 1” in each. Any monster group that tunnels into a plague cave loses 1 population.
7 The Fallen Star: Pick a random location on the surface and draw a meteorite crater there with 1 WB in it. Draw three natural tunnels one finger long radiating outwards from the crater.
8 Roll a d6. On a 6, make up your own disaster. On any other roll, make a roll on the Primordial Events table instead.

After processing the Great Disaster, proceed to the Age of Monsters.