Quetzal door 3

Quetzal: Door 3 by Håkan Ackegård

In this age, a great civilization appears in the dungeon, prospering for a period of years then ending.

If you have tracing paper, take a sheet and tape it over your first strata. Copy the surface line onto the tracing paper.

Choose a civilization, or roll randomly on the Civilization table. If this is your first time playing, I recommend choosing the Dwarves.

Each age from this point onwards is played in turns, called years. Each year is broken up into seasons.


Roll Civilization
1-4 Dwarven Civilization
6-9 Dark Elf Civilization
9-10 Custom: Make up your own civilization. If you don’t have any ideas, use one of these as a model but change its name and at least one other detail. Keep a record of your civilization for future use.

Two Civilizations at OnceEdit

You may choose to run two civilizations at once. Don’t do this the first time you play How to Host a Dungeon.

The civilizations take alternating turns each year. The civilization with the most loot goes first.

Any time a civilization encounters tunnels or rooms dug by another civilization, roll on the Civilized Conflict table.

Roll Civilized Conflict
1-3 Skirmish: The civilization with lower population loses 1 Black-round-md. On a tie, both lose 1 Black-round-md.
4 Dwarven Supremacy: If one of the civilizations is Dwarven, it loots 2 White-round-md from the other. If both are Dwarven, the one whose turn it is loots the other. If none are Dwarven, both lose 1 Black-round-md.
5 Dark Elf Might: If one of the civilizations is Dark Elf, it steals away 2 Black-round-md from the other and turns them into slaves. If both are Dark Elf, the one whose turn it is loots the other. If neither are Dark Elf, both lose 1 White-round-md.
6 All-Out War: A great battle takes place. Each civilization rolls a d6, adding their population. The higher result is the winner, and eliminates 1 Black-round-md from the losing civilization for each point by which their roll exceeded the other. The winner also loses half as much population as the loser.

When a Dark Elf colony encounters another civilization, the colony and the main Dark Elf city add their populations together for the encounter.

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