How to Host a Dungeon Wiki

Primordial Events[]

If you roll an 8 on the Primordial Events table, or if you just feel like it, you can use one of these new events:

Roll Primordial Event
1 Coal Vein: Roll two d6 to determine the vein's depth on the left and right side of the paper, and draw a line in black between the two points. Coal veins are mined like gold veins, with a result dependent on alignment.
  • Groups of lawful alignment (including Dwarves) use their furnaces to produce crafts, resulting in White-round-md.png in the same way as gold.
  • Hungry and Chaotic groups (including Dark Elves) use their furnaces to produce weapons - they do not generate treasure but receive +1 to encounter rolls in any year that they have mined coal. (Duncan Timiney)
2 Fissure: Where the die has landed, a fissure opens up to the surface. It is one bead wide at the top, and tapers to a point at the bottom. Groups that dig tunnels may build bridges across the fissure. If a bridge is in a group's ZOC, it may be collapsed or repaired by that group as necessary.

Dyson's Revised Primordial Tables[]

By Dyson Logos at Dyson's Dodecahedron

Underground River[]

This table uses a d12 rather than a d10, and adds an underground lake.

Roll River
1-3 The river moves 1 finger horizontally across the page.
4-5 The river changes angle sloping upwards while continuing across the page.
6-7 The river changes angle sloping downwards while continuing across the page.
8-10 The river moves 1 finger horizontally across the page, with a natural cave 1 bead in diameter in the middle of it. If the river is within 1 thumb of the surface, draw a sinkhole connecting this cave to the surface.
11 Waterfall, dropping 1 half finger straight down.
12 Underground lake d6+1 beads wide, river continues from other side.

Natural Caverns[]

Uses a d8 instead of a d6.

Roll Cavern
1 Draw a tunnel 1 finger long that passes through the cave.
2 Plague: Roll a d4. Write “plague” and the number rolled in the cave. Any group that encounters this cave will lose this number of Black-round-md.png
3 Gemstones: Draw a cave 1 bead in size. Roll a d4 and place that many White-round-md.png in the cave.
4 This is an empty cave.
5 Primordial Beasts: Place 1 Black-round-md.png in the cave. This represents primordial beasts that fight just like a wandering monster.
6 Open Aquifer: Draw a cave 2 beads vertically in size, half this is taken up by water.
7 Closed Aquifer: Draw a cave 2 beads in size, filled with water.
8 Fate: Write “fate” in the cave. If any civilization tunnels into this cavern, the civilization will come to a natural end. If this occurs, the Fate cavern becomes a normal empty cavern.