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When you roll a 12 on the delving groups table, or if you just feel like it, you can select (or roll randomly) one of these.

Unless otherwise stated, delvers are of lawful alignment and prefer to construct straight tunnels and finished rooms.

Roll Delving Group
1 Lithonid: These crystalline creatures leave behind gems when they die. Whenever a group of 1 or more lithonid Black-round-md.png are killed in an encounter, roll 1d6. On a 4 or more they leave behind 1 unclaimed White-round-md.png. (Duncan Timiney)
2 Deep Dwarves: Whenever Deep Dwarves patrol, they do not go in a random direction. They head straight towards the nearest ore source they have not claimed, digging a new tunnel if necessary. If there is no ore left on the map, they advance (digging if necessary) towards the bottom of the map. (Rolfe Bergstrom)
3 Infernal Automatons: Infernal Automatons ignore (and are ignored by) the Bound Demons of Infernal Engines or the Soul Mill. They gain +1 on Encounter checks if they have any Infernal Engines or Soul Mills in their Zone of Control. [Best if used on a map with a previous Demon Civilization.] (Rolfe Bergstrom)