How to Host a Dungeon Wiki

When you roll a 12 on the Alpha Predators table, or if you just feel like it, you can select (or roll randomly) one of these.

Unless otherwise stated, alphas are of hungry alignment, and get +2 on all encounter rolls.


Alpha Group


Vampire: Whenever a Vampire would be killed, it actually escapes by turning into a rodent or mist, or by melding with the earth. In any such event, it drops all its loot on the spot, and sinks through the ground to the next open room or corridor below it. If there is no such place within a finger's distance, create a new Tomb one finger below it to be the alpha's new lair. (Mark that Tomb with an X to remember it.) The vampire is only truly slain if it sinks through the ground into magma, the running water of the underground river, or off the bottom of the map. (Rolfe Bergström)


Titan: The act of breaking free from Tartarus unleashes epic devastation. When you place the Titan on the map, roll on the Great Disaster table. The Disaster should run through or be centered on the titan's lair. The titan is not harmed in any way by this Disaster. If magma floods the lair during this disaster, that means this titan is immune to fire. (Rolfe Bergström)