Bad-Ass Dwarf by Håkan Ackegård

Dwarves are highly motivated, industrious creatures whose love of family and clan is only exceeded by their greed for treasure dug from the depths of the earth.

Draw caves of the Dwarven civilization in blue. Dwarves prefer to make square rooms and tunnel in straight horizontal or vertical segments. If you don’t have a gold vein or a good size mithral deposit, create a gold vein right now as described in the Primordial Age rules.

Pick a spot on the surface above a gold vein or mithral deposit. Draw a Dwarven shaft vertically from that point until you hit the mithral or gold. Draw a mine 1 bead in size and put a White-round-md in it. Draw a Dwarven barracks on the shaft (that’s a room 1 bead in size), and place a Black-round-md in it.

A Dwarven barracks with a Black-round-md in it represents 1 unit of Dwarven population. Each White-round-md represents some form of treasure.

Make up a name for your Dwarven tribe and write it somewhere on the map in pencil.

It is now year zero in the Dwarven Era.

The Dwarven YearEdit

Here’s what the Dwarves do in the course of a year. If there are ever no Dwarves left, the Dwarven Age ends and the Age of Monsters begins.


In the spring Dwarves gather, mate, and pay to have their relatives move in with them. Gather up all White-round-md that are connected to Dwarven tunnels and are not Dwarven Treasures. Draw a new room to store each White-round-md gathered, or place them in existing rooms where there is space.

For each White-round-md gathered, draw a Dwarven barracks connected to some other Dwarven construction and put a new Black-round-md in it. Dwarves don’t like to be too near to the noise of mining, so try not to put it on a mining tunnel.


In the summer Dwarves mine. If possible, draw a tunnel a half finger long that connects to a source of ore. Draw a mine chamber 1 thumb in size and put 1 White-round-md in it. If there’s no ore in reach, draw a tunnel 1 finger long towards the nearest source of ore. If there’s no un-mined ore left on the map, 1 Black-round-md immediately emigrates off the map looking for greener pastures.


In the fall, Dwarves build. Tally the current Dwarven population. Find the entry matching this population on the Dwarven Construction table. If that construction hasn’t been added yet, the Dwarves build it now.


In winter, the Dwarves mourn. If any Dwarves died this year, draw a Dwarven tomb. This is a room 1 bead in size with a skull and crossbones (or just an X) in it. Move one Dwarven White-round-md to the tomb. If there are lots of unoccupied Dwarven barracks, you may convert one to a tomb instead.

Dwarven ConstructionEdit

Population Dwarven Construction
3 Workshops: Draw a collection of various-shaped rooms filling an area about the size of your thumb and connected to a mine site. Dwarves don’t like noise when they sleep, so don’t build any workshops too close to the barracks if you can help it.
4 Great Hall: Draw a fancy hall, probably somewhere connected to the shaft. It should be about a half finger long and a bead high, maybe with a vaulted ceiling. Give it a fancy name and write it on the map. Put 1 White-round-md in it. This is a Dwarven Treasure.
5 Exploratory Shaft: Extend the main shaft 1 thumb further down. If this hits the bottom of the page, The Great Disaster happens and the Dwarven Age ends.
6 Hall Expansion: Make the Great Hall about 2 beads longer.
7 Hall of Records: Draw a fancy room somewhere with a tunnel about a half finger long connecting it to the Great Hall or main shaft. Put 1 White-round-md there. This is a Dwarven Treasure. Label the room “Hall of Records”.
8 Founding of the Dwarven City in the Golden Age: Draw a Dwarven City somewhere about a finger long and a bead high connected to the other Dwarven tunnels. Put 1 White-round-md in it. This is a Dwarven Treasure. Give the city a good Dwarven name.
9 Treasure Room: Somewhere at least a thumb away from any other Dwarven construction, make a treasure room 2 beads in size. Put 2 White-round-md in it. These are Dwarven Treasures. Don’t connect it to the other Dwarven works with a tunnel. The entrance is too secret to be discovered.
10 They Delve Too Deep: Draw a vertical shaft downwards from the Dwarven works to the bottom of the page. The Dwarven Age ends, and the Great Disaster occurs.